ESSINCMN (Essential Information Computing Media Network)

ESSINCMN is an information technology and computing content discovery website.

To comprehend the political and economic events that are reshaping the world, one must be aware of technological developments. If you’ve followed the evolution of the technology industry, you won’t be surprised to learn that social networks facilitate political revolutions, startups can amass millions of customers in a matter of months, and the world’s most valuable company built its fortune on products that didn’t exist a few years ago.

ESSINCMN is the primary source for tracking diverse changes in the technology space. By providing an in-depth summary of the most important content and analysis in an immersive way, ESSINCMN has become the technology content discovery website for those within and outside of the information technology and computing sector.

  • Our Mission: To provide an immersive experience that is delightful.
  • Our Vision: To enlighten users in a truly simple yet informative way.
  • Our Belief: Be Savvy

Our Story

ESSINCMN was founded in 2022 by ESSINCMN Ventures as a content discovery service centered on the forefront of information technology and computing. Building a content discovery tool was inspired by the fact that there is so much trending content online that you may feel as like you’re being swept away by a cyclone, despite your practice of bookmarking the websites you’ve visited. ESSINCMN Ventures initiated the project because as it lacked the time to keep aware of changes in the technology industry and fascinating content in the information technology and computing media arena. With so much stuff floating in the sea of Virtual worlds, the primary vision was that it is now essential for people to quickly find what they want or need. ESSINCMN is a digital universe navigator that reduces the likelihood of getting diverted and lost in constantly scrolling articles.

ESSINCMN remains independent, privately funded, and privately held by MOSANIY ENTERPRISES.

Core Service Offering

Content Discovery

Knowing how to browse different content discovery tools not only helps you understand how your audience consumes content, but can also be useful for content curation and providing content recommendations for your audience. Instead of visiting each website and reading the most recent articles, you can obtain already-compiled, concise content that meets your requirements.

The importance of content discovery has increased. This is the result of the exponential growth of online material. Nearly every brand is producing content to provide value for their audiences, making it more difficult for individuals to locate the information they seek. People are able to locate highly relevant and individualized information through content discovery. In fact, both consumers and internet advertisers benefit from content discovery.

Our Content Discovery website is beneficial because:

  • Consumers rapidly locate the needed data/information without having to sift through tens of thousands of search results.
  • Online marketers can place relevant material in front of their chosen audience at the appropriate time and through the appropriate channels.

The preference of consumers for mobile devices over desktop computers and laptops has increased the importance of content discovery for marketers.


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Seamless Mobile Website Experience

Our website service focuses on mobile-friendly design, which makes the website more interesting for Mobile users who can access content whenever and wherever they need it. Our website’s responsive design enhances the performance and user experience of mobile websites across multiple devices and displays.

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